6 milestone Birthday gifts for your friend


We think that milestone birthdays are the lavish celebrations of someone’s birthday. But, it marks the beginning of a new leaf. We make great efforts for birthdays every year, from cards to gifts and surprise celebrations. If you miss the 21st birthday of your friend, sister, or brother then the moment will be gone forever you will never be able to live the moment. Turning sweet 16 is hype for all teenagers and that feeling can never be compromised. So, why to waste that one day with basic gifts; do something special for your loved ones. When you turn 21 you officially have become an adult who is now eligible to drink and hang out in the casino. 

Well, if you and your friend are not living in the same place then also you can make their day special. With the online services these days you can send flowers to Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, or anywhere else. To celebrate this ultimate birthday you need extraordinary gift ideas. Here is the list of few things you can go for:

Plan a night out

Every now and then we plan trips then eventually it gets canceled because of some vague reason. Organize a night getaway with all your friends to a resort; decorate the room, open a bottle of champagne but only if it’s a 21st birthday celebration. This one night will be a special treat for your friend which he or she will remember for a lifetime. 

Birthday Party Themes

Personalized cake

The cake is the utmost important part of any birthday celebration, making a special cake will make it a highlight and remarkable. You can customize their picture, their favorite cartoon character, or their nickname; customization can be of anything. You can also personalize cake in the shape of flowers; this will become a bouquet of happy birthday flowers which is eatable. 

Handmade album

 Handmade albums have to pop out feature which has both notes and pictures. It is a creative collection of pictures that are hidden within layers of hard craft paper and they open out in different ways every time. 

25th Wedding Anniversary Plaque by Nutmeg Designs | Tell us … | Flickr

Wine set

A wine bottle and glass set is the best thing to gift to someone who just crossed his 40. Turning 40 marks the age of settlement and the desire for comfortable life therefore, a bottle of wine along with a wine glass will mark the beginning of their new phase. 

Plan a surprise

You can also plan a surprise birthday party at their favorite spot. Decorate the area with candles and flowers, arrange their favorite wine with their favorite dish. You can either arrange this set up at midnight or during the day. Midnight surprise will be the most unexpected one so, you should definitely go for it. Also, getting the arrangements done won’t be a problem too. There is a midnight flower delivery in Bangalore, Delhi, or any other big city. 


Looking for a gift for your sister, jewelry is the best thing to gift. Every girl has a whole set of jewelry perfectly arranged for every occasion. Earing, neckpieces, finger rings, or anything from a girl’s wardrobe can be included in the set. This gift can also be prepared for boys with items like a watch, belt, wallet, or wrist band.  

Every year we grow older and become wiser than before. With growing age, we get different challenges and experiences. The movement we grow from teenager to adulthood and then from adulthood to old age is considered as a big milestone. Hence, we call this age marks a ‘milestone’. It’s a big thing to cross 16, to cross 50, and so on. If we are calling them milestones then their celebrations should also be grand. Even the birthday person is waiting for something unique and special from his or her parents and friends. In this article, we tried to curate some ideas about the milestone birthday gifts and hope it was of some help.

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